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The role of kitchens in a smart nation

Hi dear readers ! Welcome back to the KitchenYuppies's blog, where we aspire to bring you, our valued readers as much information as possible with regards to our products, ongoing promotions, events, and also happenings in society. Of course, in context to the kitchen and kitchen related stuff !   The way going forward.... You see, in recent years there has been much talk in town about the digital economy, disruption and being a Smart Nation. What it is all about ?  Well essentially, we are moving towards being a smart city, and being a smart city means being increasingly...

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Is Pressure Cooking Healthy ?

Product information

Hi and welcome again to another blog post from Kitchenyuppies ! I know it's been some time since the last blog but so many things are happening at the moment at around the same time, that you know, sometimes you just need to focus on one item at a time ! But rest assure, Kitchenyuppies will always be here to help people achieve healthy lives by eating and cooking more healthily ! That is the main driving force for all that we do ! So, without further ado, lets jump straight to the topic at hand, and one which we really feel...

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About the love of home cooked food (or lack of it )

Hey there ! I am back again with this second blog post and it's not going to be one of those blogs where I go right in and start promoting kitchenyuppies, oh no no I'm not gonna do that ! Instead, I'm just going to explain why home cooked food is way way healthier than if you buy it from outside. Firstly, well obviously, is the fact that you can control the amount of oil, salt, sugar etc whatever ingredients you might want to add to your food, which, even though might not be as tasty as the dish made...

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KitchenYuppies blog

Welcome to KitchenYuppies' first blog !   Phew, setting up a business never is easy, and we're only talking about an online e-commerce store here, not a brick and mortar physical store with all the associated costs that comes with it ! But nonetheless, a business is a business, whether you are operating online or offline, and requires passion, planning and perseverance. Those are my personal 3Ps ! As you all would observe, the majority of products are mostly from the famous company, TupperwareBrands inc. I am an authorized licensed reseller of the brand, and i believe its a good...

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