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Welcome to KitchenYuppies' first blog !  

Phew, setting up a business never is easy, and we're only talking about an online e-commerce store here, not a brick and mortar physical store with all the associated costs that comes with it !

But nonetheless, a business is a business, whether you are operating online or offline, and requires passion, planning and perseverance. Those are my personal 3Ps !

As you all would observe, the majority of products are mostly from the famous company, TupperwareBrands inc. I am an authorized licensed reseller of the brand, and i believe its a good start, as it's been around since 1946, founded by Earl Tupper.

Here in KitchenYuppies it is our goal to bring you the most essential and practical kitchenware items from trusted brands for everyday usage. Of course, I am not going to just stop at Tupperware, and i am consistently researching and adding other premium kitchenware brands from around the globe.

So for a start, why not check out our store and i believe you would find something useful !  

Oh, and if there is something you want but is not carried in our store, do contact us at  and we will do our best to get it for you.


Happy shopping !

Daniel Tan


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