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The role of kitchens in a smart nation

Hi dear readers !

Welcome back to the KitchenYuppies's blog, where we aspire to bring you, our valued readers as much information as possible with regards to our products, ongoing promotions, events, and also happenings in society. Of course, in context to the kitchen and kitchen related stuff !


The way going forward....

You see, in recent years there has been much talk in town about the digital economy, disruption and being a Smart Nation. What it is all about ? 

Well essentially, we are moving towards being a smart city, and being a smart city means being increasingly connected to the internet of things (IOT), whereby home devices and appliances can, in the near future , connect and 'talk' to each other, making life easier through seamless integration.

A good example would be the Visionaire, a new executive condominium in Sembawang, that has features such as a digital lock and door camera that are connected to the internet, enabling occupants to view happenings at home even when they are at work.

Already, you can see disruptive technologies disrupting what used to be traditional industries such as the ride-hailing apps Uber and Grab, making life so convenient by getting people a ride just by the tap of the phone, giving taxis a run for their money !

Many more industries will eventually have to embrace the smart way of doing things  and learn to adapt or risk being disrupted ! 


What has the kitchen got to do with a Smart Nation ?  

Plenty, I must say !  Fancy your stove sending a message to your phone telling you its time to turn off the heat or that you have forgotten to turn off the fire ? 

Or how about your refrigerator sending you a text telling you which items you need to stock up ? Or you multi-function cooker telling you the exact timing to add ingredients ?

You see, even kitchen appliances can be connected to the internet of things to make our lives easier but also more importantly, safer.

Already, there are smart kitchen appliances in the market such as smart stove tops like the Inirv React, which lets you control the knob of the stove with your smartphone so you never have to worry about forgetting to turn it off ! Cool yeah ?

Or how about the GeniCan? A device where you can scan an item's barcode when you have finished using it, and it will automatically add it to your shopping list. Never miss out on an item again !

These are just a few examples of the many products in the market or in the stages of conceptualization but one thing that is certain is that sooner or later, more home and kitchen appliances will eventually embrace being 'Smart' !


We want to help you !

KitchenYuppies is a young upstart business, but we are a young business in the midst of the next great evolution of digitization and disruption. We understand that, and we will embrace it.

Although it may seem like the kitchen does not necessarily need to get involved in this, we feel that well, eventually it will, along with the rest of the home and society !

We consistently research on and search for innovative new products that are not only smart, but also practical enough to be used everyday. In addition, when we do find such a useful product, whether it is small kitchen appliance, cookware, bakeware, or simply an innovative kitchen tool, you can rest assure that we will find the best deal and pass on the savings to our customers.

Visit us often and you will find that the product list is always updated, and for certain items we will extend the manufacturer's warranty ourselves so that our customers have peace of mind when purchasing them !

Stay tune for more blog updates and happy shopping !


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