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COSORI 7-in-1 Mini Electric Pressure Cooker, 2 Litre/720W, Programmable Multifunctional Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Food Steamer and Yogurt Maker with Glass Lid, Extra Sealing Ring and Recipe Book


Cook Faster, Eat Healthier, Feel Better with Online Recipes
Create enticing meals in minutes with the Cosori Personal Electric Pressure Cooker. This appliance traps steam inside while building pressure to increase cooking temperatures, allowing food to cook twice as fast as conventional cooking methods. The result of this process is healthy and delicious meals that hold up to 90-95% of nutrients.

From one-pot chicken dinners to savory soups, stews, and even sweet desserts, this little giant from Cosori can do it all. The personal-sized 2-quart pot makes this unique pressure cooker perfect for those who are constantly on-the-go. Imagine coming home to savory stews or sweet desserts packed with the necessary vitamins and nutrients to keep up with a busy lifestyle.

It is the ideal kitchen appliance for college students, working professionals, and small families who are looking for a more efficient way to better cook their meals. With the Cosori Personal Electric Pressure Cooker, cooking in the kitchen has never been easier and healthier.

Designed with Safety in Mind
9 Safety Mechanisms Ensure Safe Operation for Daily Use
1) Lid Lock Safety - prevents the lid from being opened while the cooker is pressurized.
2) Anti-Clog Protection - keeps food particles from blocking the pressure release valve.
3) Pressure Limiter - ensures pressure is kept within safe operating levels.
4) Temperature Controller - ensures food is evenly cooked, but not burned.
5) Excess Temperature Monitor - cuts power to temperature fuse if internal temperature exceeds safety limits.
6) Excessive Pressure Protection - internally releases pressure to avoid hazardous situations.
7) Pressure Auto-Control Guard always keeps pressure in a safe range.
8) Electrical Current Monitor - automatically turns off pressure cooker if the current exceeds safe operational levels.
9) Lid Position Monitor - prevents the pressure cooker from operating if the lid is improperly positioned.

Voltage: AC 220-240V/50Hz
Power: 720W
Capacity: 2L(2.1 Qt )
Inner Pot Dimensions: 18cm(7in)
Working Pressure: 70 kPa(10 PSI)
Keep Warm Temperature: 60-80°C(140-1 76°F)

Package contents
1 x Pressure cooker
1 x Rice spoon
1 x Ladle
1 x Measuring cup
1 x Steaming tray
1 x Tempered glass lid
1 x User manual
1 x Sealing ring
1 x Recipe Book
1 x UK 3-Pin Mains Power Cable


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