Ankomn Savior Non-electric vacuum sealer food container - 0.6 L


Ankomn Savior Non-electric vacuum sealer food container - 0.6 L

The Savior is a revolutionary new product by Ankomn, and the first of its kind here in Singapore, proudly distributed by KitchenYuppies ! Now available in a smaller 0.6L version !


Why it is a must have in every home

  • It is the world`s most POWERFUL non-electric Vacuum sealer ever built.
  •  No need for pumps, bags and batteries.
  • Increase Shelf Life by 8 Times - Coffee from 20 Days to 160 Days, Meats From 2 Days to 6 Days, Cheeses From 7 Days to 14 Days, Tea & Spices From 30 Days To 210 Days!
  • Seal & Release With Ease! Step 1: Create an airtight seal in seconds with 3 easy twists. Step 2: Release the vacuum by pressing the release!
  • Can be stored in the refrigerator and put in the dishwasher and just takes seconds to clean.


  • The container is dishwasher safe. The lid needs to be hand cleaned due to the vacuum components. Just wash, rinse and you are ready to go !
  • With Savior`s super strong vacuum seal pressure, marinating will penetrate much quicker and deeper into the food. Thus, saving you time and infusing your food with delicious flavour !
  • The Savior has no batteries or cords. It will allow you to keep your products fresher & longer in the refrigerator !
  • It's Stackable ! The modular design allows the products to be stacked vertically for a space-efficient storage solution
  • BPA free plastics and high quality rubber seal for the top-lid cover are used.
  •  Comes in 0.6L, 1.2L & 2.4L containers.
  •  Gray, Brown & Beige available


2 year manufacturer's warranty. Return it to us for a one-to-one replacement.