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Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System


Product description

A connected cooking experience - Hestan Cue is a video-guided cooking system that automatically controls temperature and time, every step of every recipe. Our smart cookware, induction burner and recipe app all communicate with each other using Bluetooth technology and embedded sensors - automatically adjusting the cooking temperature and time as you proceed through each recipe. Hestan Cue is your coach in the kitchen, walking you through each recipe step with video guidance. Try new dishes. Learn new skills. Elevate your cooking without fear of overcooking or underwhelming. Cue doesn't cook for you - It helps you cook better food, more often.


1. The Hestan Cue App

Access hundreds of video-guided recipes using your smart tablet or phone. The Cue app also adds optional personalized cooking features including 'Control Mode' that allows you to set precise temperatures and 'Mix & Match' that lets you pick your own protein and even a sauce of your choice based on your mood or just the ingredients you have at home.


2. Smart Induction Burner

This 1600-watt power-efficient burner utilizes rapid-response induction coils for precision temperature control ranging from 110-475 degrees Fahrenheit. Without compromising performance, the burner design is slim and portable with countertop space saving in mind. With integrated Bluetooth connectivity, the burner communicates and works in unison with the smart fry pan and Cue app for a seamless cooking experience, but can also be used manually with touch control and 10 power levels.

3. Smart Fry Pan

The 11" tri-ply stainless-steel fry pan was designed, weighted, and formed in collaboration with some of the world’s best chefs - this is what the pros use. Not only does the Cue fry pan have this ultra-premium design, but it is constructed with an aluminum alloy core and embedded temperature sensors that transmit data to the smart capsule located inside the handle. Similar to the burner, the capsule integrates Bluetooth technology to communicate with the Cue app and burner - seamlessly and in unison to provide Hestan Cue's connected cooking experience.

Successful Results, Every Time

Our smart cookware and burner provides step-by-step guidance in Recipe Mode. Cook in Control Mode for precise temperature control without a recipe.

Our Mix & Match app feature allows you to create custom recipes by pairing different protein options with your choice of sauce.

Our smart induction burner can be used in Manual Mode without the app and with other induction compatible cookware.


* 1 year local warranty and free delivery. Come back to us for any problems !

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